Timber Treatment Services

From the Timber Treatment survey to completion of the Timber Treatment, our qualified staff members will offer the best Timber Treatment solutions available

English Building & Restoration offer Timber Treatment services to provide you with effective, long term protection against fungal and insect attacks meaning the longevity of the timber is increased. Usually, the appearance of the timber is unchanged. However, we add a light yellow additive to help with identification of the preservative treatments on site.

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Wet Rot Treatment

Wet Rot is a species of timber-eating fungus found in buildings that have unprotected timber components. There are many variations of the fungus but the most common type is Coniophora Puteana. Compared to dry rot, wet rot is less destructive as wet rot remains confined to the wet area only but still needs to be treated as it can affect a building’s structural integrity. Wet Rot occurs when excess moisture is present in timber over long periods of time. This type of decay affects wet timber by causing it to soften.

Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot is a wood destroying fungi that feeds off the cellulose in timber in order to grow and spread. This process leaves the timber in a dry and brittle state with noticeable cracks running through it, making any affected surface in your home very vulnerable indeed. Dry rot is caused when humidity (between 18 - 30%) and poor ventilation combine to provide the perfect damp habitat for fungal growth. Our trained dry rot experts can treat affected areas with our fungicidal spray and repairing or removing structural and decorative timbers.

Timber Repairs

The usual method for timber repair is to trace the full extent of decay and cut the timbers back to sound timbers, treat the exposed sections with fungicide and then introduce new timbers to replace the rotten timber.

Our Timer Treatment Process

  • Identification of the Timber issue
  • Reviewing and suggesting the timber  treatment
  • Carry out any necessary internal and external repairs
  • Give advice for maintaining your property in future to refrain future timber problems

Timber Treatment Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to treat timber & damp problems, which often need to work in conjunction with each other to offer the most effective and long-lasting solutions.

Our Cambridge based timber repairs and timber treatments include:

  • Application of a chemical damp proof course
  • Polyester Filling to rebuild rotted or damaged wood
  • Timber replacement
  • Installation of below-ground waterproofing systems including cavity drainage and tanking
  • Installation of Positive Input Ventilation and Extractor Fans that will stop condensation and black mould

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Timber Treatments Cambridge

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English Building and Restoration gave us a great quote and completed the work on time as agreed. Very happy."

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