Traditional Lime Re-Pointing

Lime mortar is an attractive and versatile binding agent, made of a combination of water, lime and aggregate such as sand.

The introduction of Portland cement in the 19th century has led to a steady decline in the use of lime mortar in new builds. However the soft and porous properties of lime mortar provide an advantage when working with natural stone.

Lime mortar appeals to architects because of its ability to be colour-matched to complement existing stone and brickwork. Its effectiveness as a building material is due to its remarkable durability and longevity. This can be witnessed by viewing many long-standing lime mortar structures still visible in our British listed buildings throughout the UK.

Repair and Restoration of Heritage Mortar

The repair and restoration of lime mortar structures requires expert knowledge of the lime repointing process. That's where English Building and Restoration comes in. We are a highly skilled team specialising in stonework and restoration services, including heritage & conservation brickwork.

We provide façade refurbishment for many historic, period and listed properties, working for individuals or assisting contractors. We use traditional methods and materials to minimise any impact on properties. We successfully replicate the art of the stone mason on brick buildings, where bricks are cut and shaped precisely to fit the decorative masonry features.